LASIK Eye Surgery

If you’re nearsighted or farsighted, you know how problematic your vision can be. Depending on the condition, you may have trouble seeing things close to you, or things far away may appear blurry and undefined. Though glasses and contacts are effective ways to treat myopia and hyperopia, they are only temporary solutions that are required to be worn at all times in order to work properly. LASIK eye surgery, however, is a permanent solution to fixing visual issues. And unlike glasses or contacts, LASIK won’t require continuous upkeep like buying more contact solution or a new prescription!

San Diego LASIK Surgeon

During LASIK eye surgery, a patient’s vision is corrected by altering their shape of his or her cornea. The shape of an individual’s cornea determines if he or she is nearsighted or farsighted: nearsighted patients have a cornea that has too much curvature, while patients who are farsighted have a cornea that isn’t curved enough.

When undergoing LASIK, patients are given a relaxant to help keep them calm and comfortable during the procedure. A laser will then create a flap on a patient’s cornea. After this flap is lifted, the underlying corneal bed—the part of the eye that is altered by the laser—is reshaped, ultimately providing patients with better vision.

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After LASIK, patients should expect their eyes to feel sore or slightly uncomfortable, but these are only temporary issues and will resolve themselves in time. Once recovered fully, patients can experience the joy of clear, bright vision for the first time in their lives!

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